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Welcome aboard

January 2018 Minerva NWE NV moved to a new location. As a result of hard work, our old location at Sint-Job became too small for our company. With a yearly growth in number of employees we needed a new location to proceed with our expansion. The “Lieutenant Coppens” army area at Brasschaat transformed in a modern, flexible and trendy business area. Amongst several international companies Minerva NWE NV installed their new office, without loosing the connection with the Antwerp harbor.

Meeting our clients

Minerva NWE NV, the Antwerp-based representative of the Minerva Marine Petroleum Group announces the supply of ULSFO in all ARA Ports. “We are responding to increased levels of demand for ULSFO from our clients in the region” said Tony Vertommen, Regional Manager of Minerva NWE NV. “The ability to offer ULSFO further strengthens our position in all ARA ports, giving us the flexibility to meet our customers’ demands across all fuel grades”. With a fleet of 16 inland, estuary and deep sea-going bunker barges, Minerva NWE NV ranks as the largest independent physical supplier in the ports of the ARA.

The Minerva NWE NV Family

On June 7, during the week of Posidonia 2016, Minerva Marine Petroleum hosted an event on the eighth floor of the company’s headquarters in Piraeus for the representatives from all Minerva bunkering stations around the world. Old and new colleagues had the opportunity to further strengthen their relations and better familiarize themselves with the company. Associates from Singapore, Antwerp, New York, new friends from St. Petersburg, Rio and Hamburg, and colleagues from the AMP and ABS attended the dinner in the presence of Dimitris Melissanidis and Nikolas Tavlarios. Mr. Tavlarios delivered a short speech, during which he stressed the need for continued communication between Minerva executives to better address everyday problems and optimize results. The evening was very pleasant, highlighted by a song by fellow aspiring singer from the Antwerp office, Geert Boden.

Minerva NWE NV and RAFC

Everywhere you go, you can always rely on Minerva to bunker your ship. As a solid partner they offer you services, handling, confidence, quality and so much more. Because Minerva is one family, one spirit, one team. In Royal Antwerp Football Club they found the same motives, way of thinking and motivation to go further and beyond. Act as one to create a bright future. To put Antwerp on the map of glory and success Minerva NWE participated as a sponsor. Both partners have the same objectives. Work hard, succeed in what you do and never forget your roots. Because we are one family.

Fueling the Future

Minerva is Greece’s most dynamic energy, petroleum, and shipping group. The company has a network of retail gas stations throughout Greece, is active in marine fuels and lubricants, and operates a fleet of tankers and barges internationally and domestically to transport petroleum and bunkers for its global base of clients.

Bunkering App

Minerva NWE NV Marine Petroleum has launched a new APP that is an ideal business companion, providing easy access to find indicative bunker prices for all ports where Minerva NWE NV acts as a physical supplier, along with the contact details of each Minerva NWE NV global sales office.

Market expansion

Aegean NWE is ready to start supply operations at the strategically located UK port of Falmouth. Our company has been granted permission by the Falmouth Harbour Commissioners to provide bunker deliveries at the port, effective immediately. “Falmouth Harbour is the third largest natural harbour in the world and is ideally located at the western entrance to the North Sea and English Channel Emissions Control Area (ECA),” It said all grades of marine fuel oil and marine gas oil (MGO) will be available, meeting the latest ISO specifications.

Fleet expansion

Starting from October 2014 our fleet has expand with 3 new vessels. They will operate in the Schotland – Norway area.

With these new vessels, Minerva NWE NV reached an outstanding fleet of

– 2 sea going vessels
– 6 estuary barges
– 9 inland barges